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У Києві відкрили мурал з зображенням Івана Павла II, який напередодні пошкодили невідомі

У Києві відкрили мурал з зображенням Папи Римського Івана Павла II, повідомляє агентство «Інтерфакс-Україна».

«Відкриття цього мурала в Києві має символічне значення. Те, що він зробив для світу – не тільки для Польщі та України – це не можливо осягнути розумом», – сказав посол Польщі Ян Пєкло на відкритті мурала.

Він також зазначив, що понтифік взяв важливу участь у становленні країн пострадянського простору після розпаду СРСР.

«Москва не хоче, щоб Україна була частиною загального європейського простору, простору миру та благополуччя. Дуже важливо, що Папа знав про це і для цього він приїжджав в Україну. Нам необхідно просувати цей простір до східного кордону України», – додав посол.

Будинок із зображенням понтифіка розташований на перехресті вулиці Івана Павла II і бульвару Марії Приймаченко у Печерському районі Києва.

14 жовтня вночі невідомі розфарбували стіни і нанесли антипольські написи на будинку з муралом.

Поліція відкрила кримінальне провадження через пошкодження мурала за статтею 161 (Порушення рівноправності громадян залежно від їх расової, національної належності або ставлення до релігії) Кримінального кодексу України.

Папа Римський Іван Павло ІІ відвідав Україну з 5-денним візитом у червні в 2001 році, тоді він побував у Львові і Києві.

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California Wildfires Spreading

Wildfires in the U.S. state of California’s famed wine country are spreading after a week of the worst blazes the state has ever seen.

The death toll rose to at least 40 on Saturday, with at least 16 fires burning. One side of the fire zone stretched for 160 square kilometers, destroying some 5,700 homes and businesses. Some 100,000 people have evacuated their homes. But some have stayed behind.

“It was wind driven. Wind driven is basically powerful winds started pushing and intensifies the fire,” said Captain Jimmy Bernal of the Rancho Fire District.

The flames have crept into the town of Sonoma, a name synonymous with the California wine industry, forcing 400 households in the city of 11,000 to evacuate.

“And the biggest thing is we have lost way too many people on this fire. The intensity of the fire was incredible. I think we are at 36 people lost and there are some multiple unaccounted for. The potential for more fatalities is huge, which is very, very sad,” Bernal said.

The nearby town of Santa Rosa also saw mass evacuations. Santa Rosa was put under mandatory evacuation as wildfires continued to burn across a wide area north of the San Francisco Bay.

Fire officials ordered residents of the communities of Skyhawk, Mountain Hawk as well as parts of Rincon Valley to evacuate their homes.

The strong, dry Santa Ana winds that blow down from the mountains every late summer and early fall are creating conditions that make the fires spread easily. Some gust to 64 kilometers per hour, pushing the flames over fire breaks dug by firefighters.

More than 9,000 people — many of them exhausted — are fighting the California wildfires, both local fire personnel and thousands of volunteers, who have poured into the area over the last few days.

The firefighters have come from other parts of California, and as far away as Australia.

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Укргідрометцентр: завтра в Україні переважно без опадів і тепло

В Українському гідрометцентрі повідомляють, що завтра, 16 жовтня, в Україні переважно без опадів. 

Як повідомляють в Укргідрометцентрі, завтра лише вночі у південних і східних областях місцями невеликий дощ.

За даними синоптиків, температура у західних областях та на Одещині вночі 7-12 градусів тепла, вдень 17-22, на решті території вночі 4-9° тепла, вдень 13-18.

У Києві, за даними Укргідрометцентру, завтра без опадів, вночі 6-8, вдень 15-17 градусів тепла. 

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In Africa, LGBT Rights Activists Worry About Trump impact

Gay rights activist Joseph Achille Tiedjou is worried every day that he will be harassed or arrested in Cameroon.


Defending LGBT rights can be dangerous in Africa, where many countries have laws against homosexuality. But in recent years activists have stepped out of the shadows, empowered by the support of the Obama administration and the international community.


Now many fear the Trump administration will undermine those gains, and that their exposure could make them more vulnerable if support fades.


“I have so many worries with the new administration,” the 32-year-old Tiedjou said, pointing out Trump’s ban on transgender people in the U.S. military. “Obama was known to be very engaged. Hillary Clinton was a champion of LGBT rights and made many guarantees in addressing these issues specifically.”


Obama’s administration made LGBT rights a major domestic and foreign policy, though some in Africa saw it as pushing “Western ideals.” The Obama administration also created a special envoy position on LGBT rights. The Trump administration has said it will keep the post, but concerns remain.



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Yes or No? Catalan Separatists Face Critical Answer to Spain

Catalonia’s president is facing a critical decision that could determine the course of the region’s secessionist movement to break away from Spain.

The Spanish government has given Carles Puigdemont until Monday morning to clarify if he did or didn’t actually declare independence earlier this week.

Puigdemont told Catalan lawmakers Tuesday that he had “accepted” a mandate for independence based on the results of a disputed referendum, but that he wanted parliament to delay its implementation “for a few weeks” to give one last chance to open negotiations with Spain.

If Puigdemont replies “Yes” to Madrid on Monday, then Spain’s government has given him until Thursday to back down or else Catalonia’s ample self-rule could be temporarily suspended.

But if Puigdemont replies “No,” he will face rebellion from hardliners inside the secessionist camp which could topple his government and force a regional election for Catalonia. The far-left CUP party said on Saturday that it will withdraw its support from Puigdemont’s government if he fails to make a firm statement for a declaration of independence and deliver on that promise in the regional parliament.

Puigdemont gave no hints on what his answer will be when he briefly spoke on Sunday at a traditional memorial to former Catalan leader Lluis Companys, who was executed in 1940 by the troops of dictator Gen. Francisco Franco.

“In place like this and on a day like this, my government wants to reiterate its commitment to peace … and democracy ahead of the decisions we must make,” Puigdemont said after placing flower arrangements at the site where Companys was shot and at his tomb in Barcelona.

Moderates in the secessionist bloc are backing Puigdemont’s attempt to talk with Madrid, despite its repeated rejections of even considering the possibility of Catalonia splitting away.

The European Union supports a united Spain and no foreign country has voiced support for Catalonia’s separatists, meaning a declaration of independence would likely only garner a robust response from Spanish authorities.

Puigdemont claimed he had the mandate to declare an independent Catalonia after an overwhelming “Yes” vote in a Oct. 1 referendum that Spain’s top court had suspended on grounds that it was likely unconstitutional. Spain’s Constitution says that matters of national sovereignty are the jurisdiction of the Spanish parliament. Parties against secession boycotted the vote on grounds that it was illegal and lacked basic guarantees such as an independent electoral board.

Only 43 percent of eligible voters cast ballots amid a Spanish police crackdown that Catalan officials said injured hundreds. Spanish authorities said the police response was proportionate and that hundreds of officers were also injured in the violence.

Polls taken before the referendum showed roughly half of Catalonia’s 7.5 million residents don’t want to leave Spain. Long silent compared to the well-organized secessionists, pro-union forces have held large rallies in Barcelona over the last week.

The political crisis has also led to an exodus of business and banks from the prosperous northeastern region. Hundreds have relocated their headquarters to other parts of Spain to avoid being cast out of the European common market.

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МВС: в Україні за дев’ять місяців скоєно 1185 умисних вбивств і замахів

У Міністерстві внутрішніх справ заявляють, що за дев’ять місяців 2017 року в Україні скоєно 1185 умисних вбивств та замахів, це найнижчий показник за останні 10 років.

Як повідомляє прес-служба відомства, рівень розкриття таких злочинів, з урахуванням минулих років, в цьому році складає 88%.

За даними МВС, у 2017 році розслідувано 438 убивств минулих років, при цьому залишок нерозкритих вбивств минулих років – 8970.


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Refugee Food Festival Aims to Sweeten the Way to People’s Hearts

A Refugee Food Festival showcasing the cooking talents of refugee chefs from five different countries has won the hearts of Geneva residents by connecting through the food of their national cuisines. 

Over the past week, local chefs have turned their kitchens over to their refugee counterparts from Syria, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Tibet and Nigeria.

Nadeem Khadem al-Jamie smiles broadly as clients at this high-end restaurant applaud his culinary skills. Nadeem, a 29-year-old Syrian refugee, says cooking is his passion. An interpreter explains that he learned how to cook from his uncle and worked in his family restaurant in Damascus before he was forced to leave the country in 2015.

“And, he went to Turkey and from Turkey to Greece and then he walked all the way to Germany and then to the Swiss border,” the interpreter said. 

Nadeem’s wife and two daughters eventually joined him through a family reunification program. He hopes this spot as guest chef will land him a job. 

Force behind the festival 

Louis Martin, the co-founder of Food Sweet Food, a nongovernmental organization that initiated the Refugee Food Festival in 2016 in partnership with the U.N. refugee agency, says the project has two main objectives. 

“The first one was to change the way we look at refugees by valorizing talents and skills, culinary skills,” he said, “and the second was to create a professional accelerator for the refugee chefs participating … and we asked to every restaurant … to recommend the chef to his network and then create professional opportunities for him.”

Martin says he was struck by the negative image conveyed by the arrival of thousands of desperate refugees to Europe in the summer of 2015. That, he says, inspired him and his Food Sweet Food partner, Marine Mandrila to create the festival.

“So, we thought, how can we leverage food, how can we leverage all that we have learned through our travels and food documentaries … to create a better understanding between citizens and refugees,” Martin said.

U.N. gets involved

Martin and Mandrila brought their idea to the United Nations refugee agency in Paris. Celine Schmitt, UNHCR senior public information officer, tells VOA she was immediately captivated.

“Food is a great way to create connections,” she said. “It is also a great way to change the way people see refugees because if someone eats well, he will maybe have another idea, perspective afterwards. But, also, it is a way to integrate refugees.”

The festival caters to different tastes and different pocketbooks. Nadeem’s five-course Syrian menu is served in an elegant dining room in one of Geneva’s luxury hotels for $90. People with less money to spare can enjoy delicious Nigerian or Ethiopian food at two lakeside refreshment bars for about $20.

Schmitt says one of the great aspects of the festival is the collaboration between the restaurant’s usual chef and the refugee chef.

“The chefs who have invited the refugee chefs,” she said, “they have all told us that they want to start again and that they learned something. And, they were so happy to be able to learn from another chef because food has always been inspired by different cultures and different spices, tastes.”

When the applause dies down, Nadeem goes back to the hotel’s spotless kitchen.There he gets together with restaurant chef, Michael Coquelle. He happily looks on while Nadeem demonstrates how to make a Baba ghanouge, an eggplant puree with sesame cream, which is out of this world.

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Austria Votes in Poll That Could See Resurgence by Conservatives

Polls are open in Austria where voters are casting ballots in a snap election that analysts say could result in a resurgence by conservatives.

Opinion polls favor Sebastian Kurz, the 31-year-old charismatic conservative party leader and current foreign minister, who observers say has succeeded in reinventing the conservative party and galvanizing the Austrian right, including the far right, following the breakdown of a coalition between conservatives and socialists.

The campaign has been dominated by the issue of immigration. Austria, with a population of just less than 9 million, accepted 90,000 asylum seekers, most of them Muslim, during the 2015 migrant crisis, fueling support for right-wing politicians who favor tougher immigration laws.

Conservatives suffered a blow in December 2016 when Norbert Hofer was narrowly defeated in an election also dominated by the issue of immigration, but in which voters chose a Green party candidate, Alexander van der Bellen.

Now, analysts say the conservative People’s Party, led by Kurz, has soared to No. 1 in the polls, leaving the far-right Freedom Party and the socialists vying for second place. 

Observers say the poll represents a chance for the far right to join a coalition government for the first time in years and mark a shift to the right in Austrian politics.

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